Tickets will be on sale from October 5th to December 22th and can be purchased on this website.
Cash payments are not accepted, so please make sure you buy your ticket through PayPal or by bank transfer.
When booking by transfer, your place will be reserved for 7 BUSINESS DAYS: after this period, if we have not received the payment you will lose your place and you’ll have to book a place again.

Discounted tickets (50 € full seminar, 20 € one day/person) will be available until december 1, 2019. From that date, tickets will cost € 55/ 25 € per person.

In addition to the entrance to the seminar, you can reserve your place at the sayonara party and the catering to have lunch on Saturday, December 27 if you want to.

Catering for december 27

There are no facilities to have lunch close to the sports center, so to eat right in there will be the easiest option. You’ll find a regular option and a veggie & gluten free option.  If you have other special needs, please let us know in your booking.

Sayonara party

Booking your place in advance at Sayonara party helps us to better manage the event. If you finally aren’t coming you can get your money back.